… activities are postponed

The Science Studies Laboratory was envisioned as a group of multi-disciplinary researchers interested in the diverse topics and issues of science, technology, and medicine studies. Originally an initiative from members of the CEU Science Studies Research Group, the Laboratory’s activities debuted in Budapest in 2017 and continued till 2019, when CEU started to move to Vienna. We hoped to relaunch things from 2021 on based in Vienna, but the pandemic came in our way. We will re-launch the Lab with our Vienna partners, once physical meetings can be realized in full delight again. We might set a topic focus to create some coherence across meetings. 

So far, the laboratory consisted of roughly monthly meetings where either a student or a faculty member presented some of their work in progress and got feedback from the other participants of the lab. We always aimed at a small group of people from the local community (5-10 people, who were suggested by the authors and invited by the organizers). The lab meetings thus served as a means to improve our on-going work through friendly critical discussions and, in addition, for early academics to get a sense of what a professional work in progress looks like. We aim to keep that format since it allows for in-depth interaction. 

Anyone interested in joining the community should contact us for more information and plans to come. Yet, for the moment the Lab stays on ‘hold’. 

Some of us have used the pandemic to create, with further partners, a video channel on socially engaged philosophy and how it helps to understand science (SEPh). Check it out! 


Due to the pandemic, the Science Studies Laboratory is postponed. It will relaunch in a new Vienna form once the pandemic allows in-person group meetings again.


Maria Kronfeldner – Central European University

Guido Caniglia – Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research

Martin Kusch – University of Vienna

(Previous organizers: Mathieu Charbonneau who left to work at the Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique, Rabat, Morocco)